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Открытый урок “Do you mind TV?”
I этап. Организационный момент.(1 мин)
-Good morning dear,students. I’m very glad to see you.Today we have some guests, but don’t be afraid of them.Be active, work hard and engoy our lesson.
-Good morning,good morning good morning to you, good morning good morning, we are glad to see you too.
-Students, who is on duty today?
What date is it today?
What day of the week is it today?
What is the weather like today?
II этап Мотивационный.(5мин)
-Well, today we will discuss an interesting and even a troubling topic.
But what we are going to discuss you should guess yourselves.Please watch video and tell your guesses.
(Students are watching video about television)
-So your thoughts.
-We will speak about Tv, about cartoons, about programmes.
- Yes. The name of our topic is Do you mind TV.But to discuss our topic we need something else.What is it?
III этап Постановка целей урока. Выявление недостающих знаний.(3мин)
-We should set the aims.
-Lets do it. What do you know about TV?
-We know that it is a kind of mass media.
-But what don’t you know?
-We don’t know some more facts about it.
-Well/Lets make a short plan for our lesson.The phrases which you see on the screen can help you
-I would like to learn new words(new facts about Tv, understand English speech better,)
-And what should we do for it?
-We should read something(listen to the foreign speech, do different tasks)
Please write your aims in your exercise books and at the end of our lesson you ll tell me if you succeed.
IV этап. Введение в тему урока(4мин)
-Now we may start our lesson.And I would like to begin with a game.You see a word on the blackboard, please write assosiations with this word near it.
(На доске висит слово TELEVISION.)
V этап Речевая разминка(2мин)
-By the way studens, do you watch TV?Do you like it?Why?
VI этап. Основной.Подготовленное аудирование.
1подэтап. Pre-listening(1мин)
- Dear students, today I’v got an envelope with an important information from one journalist.The was a cassette and a picture there.I have not listened to it.Lets look at the picture and guess what the cassette is about.(слайд)
- I think the cassette is about TV programmes, To my mind the cassette is about TV channels.
- May be you are right. Lets listen to it and then answer the questions which you see on the slide.
(Обучающиеся слушают и отвечают на следующие вопросы: What channels are being spoken about? What is your favourite and why?)
3подэтап. Post-listening.(10мин)
-Now, lets do some tasks.Find the card on your desk with True and False.Choose the right variant to your mind.I’ll give you 3 mins.Is everything clear?Now please exchange cards with your partner, look at the screen and check mark it according to the criteria(TRUE&FALSE)
-Now please lets answer the questions.Read them aloud and answer.(SHORT ANSWERS)
VII этап.Исполнительский.(10мин)
-Well, Students Ive just got a message on my imail/Please look at the screen and explain how it can be connected with our topic.(слайд)
-please give the russian equivalent to this phrase.
Well, now I want to suggest you to work in groups.But you should find your team. Please stand up,look under your chair.There something interesting for you there.(физминутка)1мин
Have you found anything? So if you have found a pink Tvboxes go here, if you have found a blue Tv box go there.Now we shall remind the rules of working in one team.The task is on your desk, read it to yourself.(положить на группу карточку с заданием)So what we are going to discuss?
-Excellent. Lets make a conclusion.(5мин)
VIII этап.Рефлексия.(7мин)
Unfortunately we are short of time. Lets make sinquain.
2) informative, antataining(interesting, amusing,useful,educative)
3) broadcast, shows, educate
4)People like to watch TV, Tv can damage eyesight,
5) Information
-Great.Our lesson comes to the end.
What was interesting for you?
What was difficult or easy for you?
Now please look at the screen and choose your home task for the next lesson.
Now please mark yourself with a help of score card.
-So our lesson is over you may be free. Have a good day.
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